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>> good evening everybody. i'm
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in for dan ashley tonight. we begin with death of veteran actor larry has gone man playing jr on the show dallas. he was in dallas when he passed. recently repricing the role of conniving and conniving oil barren. he was in the television series i dream of jeanie. he died of cancer. dallas co-star linda gray and patrick duffy at his bed sigh. he was 81 years old. in massachusetts tonight several pe injured when an explosion caused by a gas leak ripped through a strip club. firefighters used a ladder, a truck to search for people on the upper floor of one building. the explosion sent brick and glass trying through the downtown street. springfield is an hour west of boston. one witness heard loud explosion before knock down on the other side of the store. >> san bruno family was in a r returning home after a morning of shopping and tonight a family member tells us 2 are dead, 4 others injured along
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with chp officer. of john with more on holiday tragedy. >> shopping trip ended in a horrifying rollover crash on highway 101 north near embarcadero road. strewn along the freeway were gifts with the tag still on them. relatives tell abc 7 news that the family left the home in san bruno around 11:30 last night to two shopping in gilroy. they were buying gifts to take become to independent why for the upcoming wedding of 24-year-old daughter who was killed in the crash. >> somewhere in this area. maybe gilroy or somewhere exactly i don't know yet. because they were going to go to independent why for marriage. >>reporter: friends relative arrived at stanford medical center overcome by what had happened. . about a quarter to7 this morning as the 6 family members were heading toward home on highway 101 their lexus suv clipped the back of a chp cruiser that was parked on the shoulder. the lexus rolled
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over. ejecting 2 sisters sitting in the back. officer had just stopped to help the driver of a pick up truck who was fixing a flat. chp says the officers was parked several feet off the fly in the shoulder. >> he had on his emergency lights in the back. we call them amber alert traffic to move over to their left. >>reporter: the father was driving the suv with his wife in the passenger seat. sitting in the back were the 4 daughters ages 12 to 24. >> 4 parties take that were still in the vehicle were appeared to have been restrained. still under investigation whether or not the parties that were ejected whether or not they were wearing their seat belts. >>reporter: highway 101 north was closesed for awhile until if you lanes opened at mid morning. traffic was snarled for 6 hours. >> usually it should be like a 7 minute drive. probably took me over 40 minutes just to move along. so it was bad. kind of sad. this kind of stuff happens on a holiday. >>reporter: the father and other daughters at valley medical center. chp officer
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treated and released for minor injuries. at this upon the there are no charges and citation. chp says no indication the drug or alcohol played a role in the crash today. at this point tonight all lanes of highway 101 near embarcadero road are open. in palo alto, abc 7 news. >> pilot has died after crashing his small plane where it went down before 4 this afternoon about a mail south of the airport here. pilot was the only one on board. some people who live in a small private marina in redwood city are moving out tonight while others staying hyped are fighting plans to convert the property into a luxury condominium complex. the may republic a is called pete harbor located just off highway 101 not far from whipple avenu avenue. vick lee with the story. >>reporter: betty and her husband were leaving pete harbor with all the belongings. this after living here aboard their boat for 12 years. >> it was wonderful. we enjoyed it. we had our little
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community. >>reporter: most of the people living on boats in the small charming marina have left. yellow caution tape mark the empty bert. 36 of 88 tenant who lived on both in august are still here. they were all given eviction notice that is they would have to the move by mid january. pete's widow paula wants to sell the property to a developer who is planning to build a 4 11 unit apartment and condo complex. the family attorney says all the leases since 2002 were month-to-month. noting that it was for sale. he says this was pete's ultimate vision. harbor he built more than 5 decades ago. >> it will bring 2.4 million dollars of property tax into the city. million which goes to our schools. create 2000 jobs. in our community building this project up. >>reporter: but tenant group is fighting the development. they have lived aboard this cruiser for 20 years. they don't know where they are going.
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>> i'm on fixed income. i really can't afford to put a first last down someplace. >>reporter: he has no hard feelings against the owner. she helped him when he had kearns and even told him not to worry about the berth rental when he was sick. >> used to bring me food. would he were always friends. >>reporter: the fight is with the develop every plans to privatize the outer harbor which they are leasing from the state. that harbor is now open to the public. anyone can rent a berth there but the new project will limit the berth to only residents of the new complex. >> when the state gave the lease it said only for so long as it's used as commercial harbor and marina. that's not theirs. >>reporter: planning commission approved the projec project. tenant group filed an appeal with the redwood city council. this council will hear the appeal on january 28. but by then it may too late for the tenants because they have been told to move out by january 15th. two weeks before the hearing. this is 7 news.
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>> in the water off berkeley a boat started to take on water nar the richmond san rafael bridge. coast guard and berkeley firefighters helped rescue everybody and included 7 people dog cat and a snake. police sending a message out to the community warning them of thieves who work over time at this time of the year. they are looking for packages left at front doors. ups saying how you can protect your belongs. nick smith reports from the paid mont police station with the latest on this holiday crime trend. >>reporter: u.p.s. is expected the deliver more than 5 27 million packages over the holiday and fedex is preparing to ship more than 280 million packages to homes across the country. portionally because customers like pam relevant doing more of their shopping on line. >> i was not waiting for my package. but i appreciate ups rippinging the door bell because when they do i come right away. >>reporter: but not everyone
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can be home when the packages are due to arrive and thieves know it. take a look at this fremont police are still working to identify a woman who stole a package from this home in the middle of the day. the homeowner want there at the time but was able to capture the entire incident on this home surveillance system. this is how it all went down. when the ups driver deliver the package an alert sent ought owner smart phone but only minutes later there was a second alert. >> that basically showed somebody coming up on the porch and pick up the package and making off witness. >>reporter: she made off with a bag of grocery collected as part of a holiday food donatio donation. police say this crime is on the rise. >> not unusual for it to happen around here and surrounding areas. >>reporter: sergeant mike of the piedmont police department says that thieves operate quickly. following delivery trucks and making their move as soon as the driver clears the area. >> somebody will drive by and run up on the porch grab and jump back in the vehicle and take off with at this time. >>reporter: police say most thieves looking for electronic
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and high end gift. ups offer these ps to prevent you from become ago victim. sign up for notice delivery. define delivery window. choose alternate delivery location and for 3 dollars you can sign up forever a signature required service. >> great idea. now i have to be on top of my package delivery. >> i have update for the video that i showed you earlier in the piece. i spoke with pedestrian mont police and tell me because the video played on 7 news and on social media, they are currently working actively. in piedmont, abc 7 news. >> black friday quickly becoming america most violent hotel day. check out the video taken after midnight as galleria maul in roseville. people going crazy. punches thrown left and right between 2 grawps of shoppers. police officers were able to quickly brake up the fight. maul spokesperson said nobody was arrested there. >> wal-mart in chicago people rush in just start grabbing bo
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boxes. frenzy. it is shopper gone wild. spectacle captured by store employees. they decided the only they think to do was step back and get away. from the crowd. the just for their own safety. pushing shoving and screaming when a victoria secret store in kansas opened the doors this morning. store employee and maul security just were overwhelmed by the friendy crowd. trying to get the first dib on black friday deals. what was the big fuss at victoria secret. giving away free tote back with surprise item inside. >> what is behind this frenzy of crazy shopping? lindsay looks at the hunt for a steal. >>reporter: looks like survival of the fittest. is really just pursuit of the black friday deal. of watch as the quest for prepaid cell phone in georgia turns into a post thanksgiving feeding frenzy. forget table manners. this wall metro airport shopper
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literally chomping at the bit appears to end up with someone hand in her mouvd. wal-mart says no one was injured. but this mob mentality is not surprising to those who study this friendy black friday if he number no. >> i think it is definitely the hunt are gatherer men.take i'm going to go out and i'm going to hunt for the best deal. >>reporter: psychologist say the store with the door buster deals and limited time sale only marketing creates an your honoren situation in shoppers. need to beat the system and adrenalin rush that somehow makes battling the crowd seem all the more worthwhile. which might explain why in the midst of all this black friday chaos these people are actually smiling. one study found perceived competition creates positive emotion. harder app item is to get the more playful and exited ap shower feels. long lines. crowds. it's worthy. always fun to shop on 34 strichlt macy on black
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friday. >>reporter: while many women consider shopping on black friday as traditional as turkey on thanksgiving, for some men it doesn't seem quite as euphoric. >> feels really like idea sended into hell. >> agreed. >> black friday not just the biggest day for blow out sale but also certain type of emergency. explanation coming up. >> this picture was taken when still ramp to move around. coming up. tree in all the glory and what might be a record number of people who saw it come to light tonight. >> our afternoon temperatures tip to reese. where will they stop? i'll show you in my accu-weather forecast coming u up. >> thanks spencer. >> also head. lost post office >> also head. lost post office stickwv@ñj
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>> 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. [applause]. >> viola. more than 25,000 people packed union square in san francisco to see the annual lighting of macy christmas tree tonight. that's more than can you believe the number of people who showed up last year. the 83 foot christmas tree has 33,000 energy efficient lights and more than 1100 ornaments. it's gorgeous. >> not everybody is heading to the bigger shopping area on
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black friday. and weekend ahead here main street across the bay area are also vying for the attention and spending of holiday spenders but kind of a struggle for the smaller operation. here's david louie. >> boutique owner lisa has 2 sales people to help during the busy holiday season. not this year. she's working alone because she may face a spike in taxes in the new year. fiscal cliff. about half of all small businesses pay taxes at a 35 percent rate. but without a new tax deal the rate would spike to 42 percent. so in addition to not hiring help she is postponing orders for spring merchandise. >> we have had to pretty much stall a bunch of stuff to make sure that it is going to be okay for the next season. >>reporter: does that hurt you competitively. >> absolutely. i think the bigger stores able to carry out the spring lines they get them earlier than we do because we stall them out for so long. >>reporter: small business owners are worried whether they will even be in business next year. isabel is one of them. >> don't want to lose it after
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30 years in business. be a terrell thing. we have to support ourselves. a lot of small business owners are single you necessity. maybe they don't have another helping them. >>reporter: small business owner feeling the squeeze of deep discounting by large national chains. some of the chains set up shop on the main streets of the bay area once the do mane of small business. >> everyone talks about black friday and 50 to 60 percent off. you can't compete. >> people come here because they are the whouns want to stay away from the mall. don't want any part of it. that's what saves me. >>reporter: black friday small by small business saturday to get shop investigators support the stores owned by sole proprietor. a life long resident has sean so many of the small shops disappear. >> you do like to support those. unfortunately you get a small coffee shop and you get certain people that like to support the small coffee shop and you have the other coffee shop andf course the lines out the door and it's just it is what it is.
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>>reporter: to survive small business owners say they work hard to provide quality mir chance dies and great customer service. in burlingame, abc 7 news. >> black friday may hectic day for stores but also the biggest day of the year for plum he wa was. roto-rooter says black friday increases business up to 50%. more than 20 percent offer the 4 day thanksgiving weekend and you wonder why? well the no. 1 reason for emergency calls is kitchen sink drains and garbage disposal. roto-rooter says after preparing or eating a large male you know what happens. everybody trays to push stuff down the disposal and sink and they clog the drain all up. so thanksgiving feast for the plumber out there. financial fest for them. >> apparently. yes. good for this turning at the time forecast. spencer is here. we feast on great weather. >> it is. like springtime out there and it's even warmer tomorrow than today. here's live view from the high definition sutro camera over san francisco and clear night.
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see forever. the see the same forever on live doppler 7 hd. cloud free sky over the bay area tonight after very mild day. we see some locations experiencing rather chilly weather overnight but not quite at that level yet. chilly level. 58 degrees right now in san franciscoment 56 in oakland. 14 in concord. see it getting cooler in the north bay that is the coolest region of the bay area overnight. these are the forecast feature. sunny mild again tomorrow. even milder than today. see graduate cooling sunday through tuesday and rainy pattern begins midweek next week and continues for several days overnight tonight look for little patches of fog in the interior valley and up in the north bay low pressure drop that the upper 30's santa rosa and napa and over at fairfield mainly 40's in other parts of the bay area. here's our satellite radar composite picture. big high pressure ridge is the dominant feature in our weather keeping our skies clear bringing us mailed conditions stormtrack stays well to our north. we have no
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weather disturbance coming our way any time soon. the high pressure holds on another mild sunny day tomorrow. but tomorrow night overnight into sunday few clouds low clouds and fog i should say push up to the coast line and start to cool us down a little bit so sunday a little bit cooler in most area down tomorrow with fog at the coast and local inland but still mainly sunny and pleasant day on sunday. skip ahead to tuesday of next next weekment by wed waves of rain start coming in. we have a stormy pattern. rainy pattern for at least three days wednesday thursday and friday of next week. perhaps even into the weekend so we are going to get a drenching late next week but tomorrow not a cloud around. certainly no written drop. high pressure in the south bay mainly in the low 70's. 71 at san jose and cupertino. peninsula we see high in the upper 70's around 70 at red wad city. palo alto 71 at mountain view. mid upper 60's on the coast at pacifica and a half moon bay. downtown san francisco 68 tomorrow 66 in
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the sun set district. north bay high low 70's for the most part. 72 in santa rosa and calistoga 70 at novato and nap napa. east bay high of 68 at berkeley. 72 at oakland. 70 san leandro. 72 at free 42 mont. high just around or just above 70 degrees. 71 at pittsburgh fair field. 70 at concord and dublin and near monterey bay look for mid 70's in the inland locations. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. mild weather fix couple days cooling off slightly monday tuesday. clouds will thicken on tuesday. rain arrives wednesday. continues for at least three days right on that the weekend so soggy winter like weather seasonal weather develops next week. >> that's then. we still have saturday. >> right exactly. >> thank you spencer. >> boosting the bottom line. coming up how the model has shoppers going crazy for new line of clothing. >> plus a road runs right through it. how one couple through it. how one couple created what might be the
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>> you have to see this. couple in china created the ultimate road block. they refuse to move from their home to make way for new super highway so here's the result. the home has turned in a round about after the road was built around it. the couple the only residents left after the neighborhood was demolished to make which for the road. they say authorities refuse to pay them what the house was worth. so if you want to go to beijing make a left at the kitchen. all right. the thoroughfare leads to newly built railway station. unless china. never know when success will happen or wh
9:26 pm
why. grandfather modelled grand-daughter clothing line for joke and pictures went viral. now sales increased 5 fold. take a look. this man was helping his grand-daughter unpack the clothes that she designed. he picked up one piece to give some advice on how to mix and match. that's when one thing led to another. pictures were taken. and he went from severe 0to internet celebrity the in just a matter of days. he likes being a fashion muse but like able to help his grand-daughter even more. she's off and running with a business. >> young dancer in las vegas got early thanksgiving day surprise. riley rehearsing then runs across because she sees her dad walking through the door. he came home for the holidays after 14 month tour of duty in afghanistan. >> military kids take a lot. they get all the bad not always the good. >>reporter: that was riley mom there. she was the only one in on the surprise. dad will soon be retiring after 30 years of
9:27 pm
service. >> still to come on the news at 9:00. camel. running in front of gas station. how precise will i today desert animal end up here. >> plus the post office where everybody knows your am in. if you live in this town you know the person in charge of your mail as well. >> power grabbing night new tension in egypt. police fire tear gas on protestors as the
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[ male announcer ] this december, remember -- what starts with adding a friend... ♪ ♪ ...could end with adding a close friend. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> south bay family not spending the holiday like most of us. instead of big meals and shopping they are planning a funeral for latest homicide victim. grieving father brother sat down today with corrina in a story you will see only on abc 7 news. >>reporter: he's looking
9:31 pm
through family photo for the worst of reasons. he's preparing for his 22-year-old son's memorial service. >> some day i'll be able to talk about this without holding back tears. but it's not now. >>reporter: it was just one week ago rory park was innocently caught in a violent crime spree. police say 2 men carried out 4 armed robberies killed the young campbell resident during an attempted carjacking in 7-11 parking lot and later opened fire on polic police. dillon park is 5 years older than his brother. his emotions are all his own. >> i have an older brothers you feel like you should be there to protect your, your baby brother and i'm just really frustrated that i wasn't there. >>reporter: as the memorial for rory continues to grow police are working around the clock to find the second person they say is responsible for his murder. this is a sketch of that suspect. there is a
9:32 pm
20,000 dollar reward for his capture and conviction. there is also a plea from the victim's father. >> i screws hope he turns turns himself in. before he hurts anyone else. or before he gets hurt. >>reporter: police have already arrested 26-year-old wid him with 8 felony counts. rory murder alone could make this a possible death penalty case. dillon hopes that is indeed what happens. >> i would love to see him, you know, sit there and wrought for a little while. think about what he has done and the i would absolutely love to see him die. >>reporter: the family is balancing both anger and grief. planning rory mm. al service on saturday an event that is open to the public. >> the supportive gotten from the city of campbell and rest didn't of campbell if has
9:33 pm
literally gotten me through this. >>reporter: when one person death is so senseless and so sudden, sometimes a community can help the healing begin. in campbell, abc 7 news. moving to international news. in egypt protest strors apparently set fire to the to the offices of president morsi and several city. he has given himself near salute powers. he says he needs this to battle his political enem enemies. here's matt. >>reporter: with master protest hail of stone and cloud of tear gas egypt is again in turmoil tonight. violence in reaction to egypt first democratcly elected leader from brotherhood morsi declaring all presidential decisions are xem from appeal or review by lawmakers if through the courts. protest mohammad office and capped did the twee tweeting he upon atheed himself
9:34 pm
egypt new pharaoh. >> more power. the then mr. power. >>reporter: most ago he was obscure. before being elect entered may. he slide if i himself as key u.s. al lay. >> i want to thank president morsi for his personal leadership to de-escalate the situation in gaza and end the violence. >> it put united states in an awkward position to criticize a part earner that it is clearly now has to rely on in the region. >>reporter: state department says this is an issue of international concern but morsi is saying this is only temporary. he will relinquish the powers once constitution is completed but extended the deadline until late february. >> u.s. airway made detour when the plane hit by bird. you can see part of the wing is crack. indicator lights went off in the cockpit and craw knew only that something had
9:35 pm
happened. shortly after take off. flight was head from key west, florida to charlotte, north carolina. diverted to fort myers, florida and nobody hurt. >> u.s. postal service dealing with a 12 billion dollar deficit among the closure and cut back is a local post office as wayne found it it's a throw back and gem mostly for the woman who runs it. >>reporter: if you lack closely you might see yourself in the time lapse symbolic of our world. relax if you can. destination lies beyond the freeway. past the suburb of orinda. take a route through the redwood to a place the urban world does in the opinion at any rate. community identified mostly by its post office. hear it is. one known for hardly ever having a line. most of the time it's empty. >> most of the time. >>reporter: do you ever get lonely in here. >> no. >>reporter: lonely should be the last word to describe tl this woman. post office 9 4 5 1 6 in can i don't know serves
9:36 pm
194 residents. in a community with no door to door delivery t.everybody picks us up their mail here you necessity all the names. >> yes, i do ivshtion allhe addresses. >> yes, i do. >>reporter: all the quirk. >> yes. >>reporter: family history. >> yes. >>reporter: all the stuff you are not supposed to know. >> yes. some i wish i didn't know so much. >>reporter: you know everything about everybody. >> i pretty much do. >>reporter: what she does not know is how budget cut back by the postal service will affect her and this office. >> i'm actually not to talk to you about l this the. >>reporter: you can't. >> right. called the post pla plan. >>reporter: one possibility that the postal service may cut back hours here and replace her with a part-time person. this doesn't please the locals. doesn't please her. >> i love seeing my neighbors every day. i love delivering the mail to them. it's the spine of our community. >> this runs if the family. >> yes. >>reporter: 3 generation ago her grandparents ran the general store and post office in this very same spot. they
9:37 pm
passed down a standard of service this out lived it's time to the people of canyon this isn't just a building, this is the person. >> friend. neighbor. everyone rae lies on her. >>reporter: this is an attitude inside and out. >> i have never seen anybody doing stretches out there actually. >>reporter: is that a violation of federal law. >> i don't think so but he found a dry spot to sit down on so wishing that she returned to work. there's not as much mail as there used to be but enough to keep her busy. if you want to mail something, anything, she will take care of it. for now at least. so you are in limbo would. >> i am. >>reporter: how is that. >> it doesn't feel good. >>reporter: in canyon, wayne abc 7 news. nice spot. to great escape in los angeles. but a temporary one. passenger happened to capture the image
9:38 pm
of camel that escaped from a circus in glendale. running down the street and people chasing after it. i'm told camel have pretty good speed. in sand any way. freedom did not last long however. camel was eventually captured. making a difference in a place that really needs it. >> just seeking not a program but jaws place to stay. but jaws place to stay. >> nextwv@ñj
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>> want to invite to you become a part of the abc 7 shir your holiday food drive on december 12. taking your donation for local food bank. for more information and location that is nearest to you good to our
9:42 pm
web site. >> down economy is hitting non-profit especially hard. some of those dedicated to helping others now need a little bit of help themselves. in an event in contra costa county we learned about an organization in richmond dangerous iron triangle neighborhood. a beacon hope for the homeless and drug addict across the bay area. carolyn reports. >>reporter: walk in the door of the bay area rescue mission and you know right away this isn't your typical center serving the homeless and drug addicted. >> trying to do everything on your own is not going to work. you need god. and this place offers that. >> we have to have a new mind set. people tell you you shouldn't do it but nobody tells you why. i get to be the sounding board for the lead who have again through the same things that i have. >> 30 years ago i was a hom homeless cocaine addict myself. >>reporter: when john speak they really listen and it's not
9:43 pm
just because he went from being a successful businessman. >> at able 29 i spent 65,000 dollars a year on cocaine and my life was falling apart. i walked away from everything and ended up homeless on the street in san diego. job skills training. education. family skills. life skills. tv they have the tools so that when they are ready to leave the rescue mission they can be successful. >>reporter: harris came here from oakland back in 1994. after losing it all to drugs. he remembers exactly where he was sleeping when he decided to change his life. >> i came just seeking really not a program but just a police to stay. place to lay my head and get some rest really to i thought i was going to go out and have another run. but the lord had other plans for me. >>reporter: more than 8 million dollars worth of food
9:44 pm
clothing and other items comes to the bay year rescue mission every year. about a third of that they keep. rest they do tonight to other charities or it goes directly to people living in this community. >> we weather most of the economic challenges fairly wel well. but here race interestly the donations really cropped off to the point we had to lay off 5 people. 5 of the staff members and cut back on expenses the best we coy. he says one fourth of the staff is made up of graduates from the recovery program. like maxine mars, what they bring to the table is invaluable. in richmond, carlin tyler abc 7 news. if you would like to help the bay area rescue mission you can call this number on the screen. we also have a link to their web site on abc 7 new also if your group would lake to host a listen event go to our web site and click on where it says community.
9:45 pm
navigation new answer. up n[ male announcer ]er. up this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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>> shoppers press determined to be first in line for a black friday store opening but what 2 east bay women did was purely amazing. check out the video and look closely here. that is is a woman camping out in line. in front of the k mart store in pinole. first in when it opened at 8 last night. now look at this few hours later she and her friend were also first if line let in the pinole best buy for mid nature shopping. how did she do it? can we financially clone human is that what is going on here? no. she enlisted her entire family to wait in front of both stores for days. family says
9:49 pm
it's there thanksgiving tradition. nice to have helpful family. >> usually explorer discover uncharted territory but temperature of australian scientist has done the opposit opposite. they have proven that island identified on world map does not exist. google and other maps show an island east of australia but scientist studying the coast line looked for the island at the alleged coordinate and they found nothing. island has regularly appeared in scientific publications for years. google says it is looking into the situation. >> spencer has a map and he's not afraid to use it. >> exactly. no man is an island and apparently sandy isn't either. time lapse view from mount sutro this afternoo afternoon. lovely day out over the bay. mostly clear sky all over the bay area and sunset at 4:53 this afternoon. day lyle light hours getting shorter. state wide lovely sunny mild over most of the state. down right warm down south high of
9:50 pm
85 in palm springs and almost 80 in los angeles. here's in the bay area we have mailed weather again with high from mid upper 60's on the coast to low 70's around the bay inland hears accu-weather 7 day forecast. mild weather and dray weather through monday. tuesday clouds thicken cool did you know a bit and rain arrives on wednesday and we have a rainy pattern for wednesday right on into the weekend. >> all right thank you spencer. >> time for sports and jim harbaugh you never know what he is going to say even when he says nothing lick today. it's always enter taping. t to talk about after the game tomorrow night. >> absolutely. >> about harbaugh and crazy things that come out of his mouth. >> gobble gobble. >> that's one of them. we'll get some more in a few minutes. we learned this about harbaugh last few years. he won't be bullied by the immediate why to give certain'ss. warriors. give certain'ss. warriors. hard to
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>> coming up tonight at 11. tired of the black friday shopping frenzy? why so many local stores are
9:54 pm
vague for your dollars this weekend and how changing your shopping habits could help your community. >> plus iconic disney character getting mainly make over. we tell you what is hane the new lack and how long these changes will last. tonight on 7 news at 11:00. right now collin is here with the jim har but story. question of the week. who is your quarterback you would think this would be a simple question to answer right >> it is. answer is simple never revealed. >> yes or no and he doesn't want to go there first question at today press conference who will start at quarterback sunday. harbaugh answer we feel there is no competitive advantage for us to reless that information for our organization or for our team. problem is safety wouldn't let the cat-out-of-the-bag on the show saying collin will be the start. both he and smith in the practice field but the answer seems obvious. it's friday. play the saints sunday and smith still haven't been cleared to play. listed as questionable. harbaugh says stick and stone may break my bone but names never hurt me.
9:55 pm
>> this is not the something we take a as app advantage for to us talk about. you may have your opinions on it. it's unorthodox. the so be it. you can call me names if you want. make sport of me but that's the way we are going to good about it. >>reporter: call him indecisive. we can call him that without get nag trouble. warriors winner 4 out of 5 but facing denver team ripped their heart out would week ago. lack at the sequence. david lee driving. get it out. nugget on the break. brewer no. andre try to follow the flush. no. right hyped him for the jam. denver up 6. thompson all of escape points in the first hal half. warriors up 60 break.
9:56 pm
second half though a different store. nugget piling it on, andre win 3. game high betwee between. cap 15-o run. i have more pester than mcgae but not 7 pet tall nor athletic marvel i can't to that that's why i am sitting next to larry who has similar inadequacy. >> i'm not seven feet tall. >> sex points. 102-91. warriors in minnesota tomorrow night. our. >> seemed like business as usual for saint marries off to 4-o start. playing lowell pacific today 5 and o? no. >> in anaheim. 32 yesterday against drexel. half that day. pacific forth betweener game also similar to larry beall but effective. 12 and 14 in the fears half. driving score. can't even get a word in. you washington at the present time. >> i'm a target here. go ahead keep going.
9:57 pm
>> tiger shoot 52 percent from the field. the had 18. gailts first loss 76-66. pacific awitnessing the winner between cal georgia tech rate now. the steal robert carter junior. hoop and foul. yellow jacket up too. showing some up rate hear. jason morris thank you. georgia tech leading 32-31 late in the fears half. sanford winners over northern iowa in the battle for atlanta tournament in the bahamas. football team formula is simpl simple. beat ucla tomorrow at the rose bowl and pack 12 north chance leak the cardinal the bruins coming off huge win. cinch the pack 12 south with win over usc this past saturday. easterny should stanford beat ucla to win the north. 2 teams play again if the pack 12 championship game week from today. >> that's town the road and this is one week of prosecute and one game and all we are concept at any rating on. if
9:58 pm
something else happens after that that's great. >> i'm counting on the team maturity. all year long latter week doesn't help this week. we financier the game on a high and come back the next weak and start from ground zero. >>reporter: well if you grew up in the state of washington like difficult then you know all about the term cougar. it means to mess up. not finish a task. how fans at the university of washington refer to those associated with the washington state cougar. today 105 apple cup the huskies cuing it. clause in the contract winner gets extra 25,000 dollars. noted about. dawg led at one appointment tied at 28 seconds left. huskies koouing it in overtime. the. >> he kooingd it. i have your inadequacy right hear. the guy can pronounce names. the that's it. >> well that just delayed the inevitable. an draw game
9:59 pm
winner 31-28 cougar rush the field. leaf thankful for extra 25 grand the day after thanksgiving and first pack 12 win of the year. lsu lack to go keep their bsu hopes alive facing arkansas. on the move. over the middle to landry. this might be the catch of the year. >> he didn't cougar it. >> no. 22 yard touch down. definitely worth a second look there. final seconds. to the end zone to tie it. incomplet incomplete. lsu wins and remain in the hunt for the bid. nebraska looking to take on the title game eye with third quarter. the pound his which natural end zone. this game pretty much tv corn huskers and alonzo interception there of james

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